Local Banking Problems

So - there’s this.

Having spoken to a number of persons in the financial sector, I don’t understand how/why things are moving the way they are.

Banks are trying to go cashless to force the public to use other means - electronic and such. BOJ issued new bank notes (polymer) without giving the banks any samples until about 2 months before release to the public. The banks were then unable to send the notes to their respective ATM manufacturers for testing before this release.

Problems? Yes. The ATMs have had issues with the new money and it’s seen in EVERY financial institution. Michael James…I mean Leahcim Semaj being a popular and influential Jamaican has posted his experience with BNS and really - that’s just one bank. Apparently all banks are being forced by BOJ to comply after the release of the new money - with limited time to get their ATMs ready - with no consultation before commissioning the new money - so the ATMs are all having problems and the banks/manufacturers are scrambling to try and “fit in” to the money. Not the way it should work. The braille on the new money (for blind people) also is an issue with the ATMs.

I guess this is their next move to frustrate the public into going digital with the currencies. That’s just my POV. Any thoughts on this?